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National Yang-Ming University Internet Use Regulations

Approved on June 30, 2010 by the 2009 Academic Year Eighth General Administrative Meeting
1. These regulations are made in accordance to the Ministry of Educations Taiwan Academic Network (TANet) to encourage appropriate use of Internet resources. (The term Internet includes administration, teaching, and dorm networks)

2. To avoid violating intellectual property rights, network users should avoid the following behaviors:
(1) Using unauthorized computer programs;
(2) Downloading or duplicating copyright-protected work;
(3) Posting copyrighted work online without author consent;
(4) Posting articles from BBS or other online forums against expressed prohibition by the author;
(5) Hosting websites for illegal downloading of copyrighted material;
(6) Other behaviors that might infringe intellectual property rights.

3.The following Internet behaviors are prohibited:

  1. Distributing virus or other programs that interrupt or damage computer operation;
  2. Intercepting messages without authorization;
  3. Fraudulent use and hacking the username and password of others, unauthorized use of Internet resources, disclosing username and password of others without valid reason;
  4. The lending of username without valid reason;
  5. Concealment of username or using falsified user names; does not include authorized aliases;
  6. Unauthorized viewing of e-mails or other computer information;
  7. Affect system operation and misuse of Internet resources such as through spamming, chain mail, e-bombs, resource robbery;
  8. Use of e-mail, online chats, electronic bulletin boards (BBS) or other similar functions for fraud, slander, insult, obscenity, harassment, transaction of illegal software or other illegal uses;
  9. Disclosing classified official information;
  10. Commercial or business activities for profit or other illegal behavior.

    4.Organizations providing Internet services such as electronic bulletin boards (BBS), webpages, e-mail, file transfer (FTP) and file hosting service should respect the following regulations:
  1. All organizations should have a professional responsible for server regulation and maintenance;
  2. All organizations should establish a computer and network self-regulatory mechanism for users;
  3. All organizations should have an information technician responsible for information security and receive further training;
  4. The Information and Communications Center should establish appropriate segments and management to regulate network traffic;
  5. The Information and Communications Center should establish a procedure for implementing the details of these regulations;

    5. Anyone found in violation of these regulations shall be subjected to review and submitted to the appropriate school authorities.
    6.These regulations are implemented following approval by the administrative meeting, and likewise any amendments.