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National Yang-Ming University Student Dormitory Internet Use and Management

Amended and Approved on March 4, 2009 by the 2008 Academic Year Third General Administrative Meeting

I. Application Qualification:
All students living in the school dormitory are eligible to apply for dormitory Internet use. Applicants must submit Computer Software Internet User Fee to receive an IP.

II. Application Method:
Student can apply online through the management system. The center will complete processing the application within three working days and post the completed applicant list on the Information and Communications Center webpage. If there is any change in the students dormitory arrangement, please reapply.

III. Reporting Internet Malfunction and Maintenance:
Students may apply online. Upon receiving notification, the center will send a technician as soon as possible. The center will initiate informing the applicant of the maintenance process and post the information on the Information and Communications Center webpage.

IV. Please Note:
1.Applicants must provide their own Internet wire. The dormitory net provides each user with one jack (Ethernet RJ-45 Interface).
2.Dissemination of fraud, defamation, insults, indecent assault, harassment, illegal software exchanges and other illegal messages through the use of e-mails, online chats, BBS and webpages are prohibited.
3.Unauthorized computer programs and illegal downloading and copying of works protected by copyright law are prohibited.
4.Users must comply with the Ministry of Educations Taiwan Academic Network (TANet) and school regulations. In addition to having their user right suspended until the end of the semester, those found in violation will also be dealt with according to the severity of their offense.