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National Yang-Ming University Computer Lab Regulations

Approved by the 2007 Academic Year 4th General Administrative Meeting on December 12, 2007

Article 1. Objective:
These regulations are established to provide computers for the entire staff and student body, and to efficiently maintain computer equipment and facilities.
Article 2. Users:
1. University staff and students;
2. School departments, student clubs and the public who are authorized to offer computer related courses and activities.
Article 3. Hours:
1. Education Building 1 Computer Labs: During class hours: 0800 -1800. Admission with student ID or staff identification card;
2. Information and Library Computer Lab: By application for courses or projects.
Article 4. Group Application Priority:
1. Official academic courses;
2. Information related courses and projects offered by various departments in the school;
3. Training courses and seminars by student organizations;
4. Computer training courses organized by off-campus agencies.
Article 5. Application Procedure:
1. Applications should be made two weeks in advance;
2. Download application form from the Information and Communications Centers website;
3. Upon approval, the original application form will be returned to applicant, and a copy will be kept by the center;
4. Fees: Fees are in accordance to the National Yang-Ming University computer lab usage fee
Article 6. Note:

  1. Keep labs clean, close doors when entering or leaving;
  2. Labs are monitored by Internet security camera system. Please handle lab equipment with care. Individuals are liable for the actual cost of damages caused by inappropriate use;
  3. Pornographic websites and intellectual property infringement are prohibited. Violators will be dealt with according to school regulations;
  4. Please contact the Information and Communications Center staff for any problem.

Article 7. These regulations are passed by expanded executive council; the same will apply for revision. These regulations are implemented following approval by the general administrative meeting, and likewise any amendment.