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National Yang-Ming University Telephone Use and Distribution

Approved by the 1998 Second General Administrative Assembly on December 23, 1998

1. Each unit may apply for one automated telephone system and fax machine; however, telephone bills will be paid by the respective units.
2. Staff members may apply for one extension number. A password may be applied for long-distance calls, and the bills will be deducted from personal salary.
3. One extension may be applied for each laboratory.
4. Each unit chief, assistant professors and above may apply for direct extension (DID).
5. Installation cost will be paid by each unit.
6. Automated telephones and fax machines may only be applied for budgeted research projects. Individuals are not allowed to install automated telephone system or fax.
7. Units may apply mobile-phone and pager upon approval by the university.
8. Students may apply to Chung Hwa Telecom for private dorm phones once lines are set up.